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What makes different?

Franklin Girl Safety Empowerment & Education Program is not designed to replace Self Defence or Martial Arts classes or training. In-fact, we encourage all martial arts school to also adopt Franklin Girl Safety Empowerment & Education Program as apart of their respective martial arts syllabus or curriculum. We will be holding Instructor courses for martial arts & fitness professionals very soon. Please call Specialist Guru-ji Franklin Joseph @ 9886769281 for more info on Franklin Instructor Courses

Crime have evolved, most Self Defence has not…

Most Girls / Women don’t have the physical size & strength of bigger or stronger men or fitter women. And even if you are fit & flexible, the criminal or bad element can use weapons or multiple attackers to overpower the victims size & strength. Martial Arts or Self Defence tricks & stunts rarely will work as the criminal will rarely replicate what is been taught in a martial arts or self defense class. On top of that if the predator turns out of be a known person to the girl or women, emotional or psychological connection will always mess up a response time of any tactics. Modern crime is become more psychological than tactical hence we need a more holistic approach which Franklin is able to fill the gap.

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