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Our Partners

Whenever there is a revolution, there is a team that spearheads that revolution. In, here is our team that is our weapon to ensure safety with education for all girl-child.

Evolve Lives Foundation – Founder – Ms. Ottilie Kumar Anban

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Deffendo – Founders – Ms. Rewa & Ms. Sreshta

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Rewa Purohit
Rewa Purohit

Deffendo is founded by a group of high school students (Ms. Rewa & Ms. Sreshta) who aim to provide young girls with the tools to defend themselves,

both mentally and physically, in several circumstances. Growing up in India, one of the top 3 countries with women-related crimes, we felt the need to protect girls from abusers, both known and unknown.

Deffendo was started with the mission to equip and empower girls with necessary self-defence anytime, anywhere.

Deffendo is a unified platform that aims to equip girls with the necessary self defence tactics to defend themselves in both- physical and psychological circumstances.

Sreshta Pothula
Sreshta Pothula

Through our training, we will equip girls with tactics and techniques to fend for themselves, against verbal, psychological and physical abuse.

Our training is divided into endurance and strengthening and the self defence techniques and situational defence.

Deffendo brings on physical trainers for the first section, followed by the tactical training delivered through one of our ventures led by professional self defence trainers.

As of now, we are beginning to conduct certified online courses through a tie-up with Franklin project. At Deffendo, we defend and do !

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