Call 9886769281 – Girl Anti-Abuse Psychological Empowerment & Military Krav Maga Self Defense Education for Individual Girls, Schools & Colleges

Create ‘Girl Safety Cell’ for Education Institution

Girl Child Self Defence Dvb School Hubballi 03

Girl Child Self Defence Dvb School Hubballi 03

Enrol your daughter or her School or College with our – Girl Safety Empowerment & Girl Self-Defense Wellness Education Course / Workshop. Your daughter can do a 4 weeks Course with us both online and offline. You can also inviting us to conduct paid 3 days Workshops with your school or college girls. Your School & College will get certified as a ‘Girl Safe Zone’. For Corporate CSR, the organisation can choose to sponsor workshops to be conducted in the school or college of their choice.

To enquire more about the fees structure or the logistics, please call 9886769281 & speak to Specialist Guru-ji Franklin Joseph & Krystal Joseph.

What is Krystal Joseph & Franklin revolution? is a Girl Safety Empowerment & Girl Self Defense Wellness Education Course or Workshop founded by Guru-ji Franklin Joseph, a Social Entrepreneur & a Specialist in Combat Science & Special Tactics of Krav Maga Self Defense to help empower girls empowering other girls. Krystal Joseph took over as C.E.O. of in 2021 & conducted various workshops as in Hubballi & Bengaluru along with conducting online Israeli Military Krav Maga Self Defense classes during 2020 onward during the COVID lock downs.

Few objectives of are

  • Empower the girls with Krav Maga Self Defense based on reflex-action science
  • Recruit the best toppers as an instructor within the establishment
  • Train the staff, Certify the institution & establish a GIRL SAFE ZONE
  • Future Plans – Networking, Mentorship & Advance Training Boot Camps course or workshop would first train school or college girls in Safety & Krav Maga Israeli Military Krav Maga Self Defense along with an introductory level of combat science (no.. it’s not martial arts). Then provide a platform where these girls train other girls as instructors or help create a network to mentor each other. If the girls or women, prefer to take it on a professional level, they can earn by opening centres & teaching girls the advance versions. Or they can help educate others via social activation or promotions.

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