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In addition to feeling insecure & frightened as a result of unpredictable violent crime sequences, girls also feel self-conscious due to their lack of size & strength, making them easy targets for predators. Tricks / stunts in martial arts are usually suited to people with strong muscles & flexibility, and their training takes many years. Crime can happen anywhere, anytime, and regardless of who or how fit you are.
Krystal Joseph & Franklin Joseph - Empower Girl Safety & Girl Self-Defense Wellness Education Workshop teaches Combat Science & Israeli Military Krav Maga Self Defence that are Reflex-Action based techniques to effectively deal with modern, urban crime against girls / women, thus eliminating the need of bigger size, strength or flexibility. The girls will be able to quickly understand the course's science and human reflexes. Psychological & military-based Hit & Run strategies are also taught, in order to help them prevent, avoid & escape most crimes from both known predators & unknown criminals.
Join the revolution by hiring us at your school and college for the 3-day Workshop. Students with the highest scores in the batch can choose to learn how to become future instructors in their respective institutions. In the near future, will enable girls to connect with mentors, network with peers in various colleges and schools, and have the opportunity to open centers in their cities, so we can create a better, safer, more informed, and secure society in India.
Call us @ 9886769281 the team of Ms. Krystal Joseph - the youngest Krav Maga Self Defense Instructor in Karnataka, 2019 & is now the Specialist / C.O.O. / Mentor in & Specialist Guru-ji Franklin Joseph - Specialist / Mentor / Founder of
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